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Shutter Photo Gallery

Every Shutter Shoppe order is custom designed to meet the exact specifications and individual taste of each customer. Nothing is manufactured until we receive your order and custom measurements. With that in mind the photos you see here are unique installations meant to stimulate your thoughts. Click on any photo to see it larger or start a slideshow. What can we create for you?

Wood Shutters with 3 ½” Louvers and Sunbursts on top.

These Sunbursts are built by Skilled Craftsman. The louvers are fit and cut by hand.

Custom Stained Basswood Shutters with 4 ½” Louvers

Notice how the wide 3 ½” louvers in these Shutters help light up the room.

Arched top panels are cut to fit inside the opening. Wide louvers are used to help the room look larger.

These panels cover a patio door and large side windows. Wide louvers seem to bring the outdoors into the room.

This set of panels cover a 12’ wide patio door. The panels are on an overhead bi pass track for easy access to the door

3 ½” Louvers on a Bay Window accented by tie back draperies.

5 ½” Louvers with a Natural Wood Finish. The two center panels are mounted directly to the French Doors.

3 ½” Louvers. The panels are mounted above the kitchen counters.

2 ½” Louvers over a Kitchen Sink. These panels are double hung. The upper panels operate independent from the lower panels.

3 ½” Poly Vinyl Shutters over the Master Bath Tub. These shutters are engineered to resist direct contact with water. They won’t warp chip or peel.

4 ½” Poly Shutters over a tub.

4 ½” Wood Shutters with a Special Stain Application

Notice the small panels in the upper windows. “We can build shutters to fit almost any opening”


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